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A 365-Day Health and Benefits Solution

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More Than Just a Private Exchange

More companies are realizing their current benefits strategies are simply unsustainable. Rising costs, inefficient services and consumer empowerment are spurring employers to look for better options.

With Mercer Marketplace 365 now available to 1.5 million people, we are harnessing the power of our ever-growing base of employees and their dependents to reduce the costs and complexities of healthcare and benefits administration.

It's a new kind of health and benefits solution that puts access to better, more affordable health care into the hands of those who need it most — your employees.

Join us in reinventing the health and benefits experience.

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  • Mercer Marketplace 365 For businesses with more than 500 employees +
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    Mercer Marketplace 365

    Mercer Marketplace 365 is far more than just a private exchange. We’ve reinvented benefits strategies and taken on complex administrative burdens to save our clients a lot of money. That’s why we’re a market leader that’s available to 1.5 million employees and their dependents.

    But more than that, Mercer Marketplace 365 is an online destination for employees and retirees that helps them find better benefits and the information they need to improve the cost and quality of their care:

    • Mercer Marketplace 365 is pioneering access to value-based care including accountable care organizations and high-performance networks.
    • Mercer Marketplace HUB 365 is a voluntary benefit that can help your employees find higher-quality and lower-cost care.

    From hire to retire, Mercer Marketplace 365 helps you, your employees and your retirees get better benefits and have a better health care experience.

    How We Do It
  • Mercer Marketplace 365+ For fully insured businesses with 100-500 employees +
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    Mercer Marketplace 365+

    For fully-insured businesses with 100-500 Employees

    Mercer Marketplace 365+ gives your company access to a global leader in health and benefits advisory services 365 days a year. The “+” stands for the added benefit of a local Mercer team that can move at the speed of smaller companies for:

    • Faster implementation
    • Access to the local support you need
    • Regional and local carriers
    • True local commitment to the success of your company and your employees

    We'll work closely with you to create a health and benefits strategy and design that will

    • Simplify the health and benefits experience for you and your employees
    • Save a lot of money

    In addition, an investment in Mercer Marketplace 365+ means you’ll get access to additional capabilities that will help you improve the cost and quality of the care you offer to your employees.

    How We Do It

Meet Your Employees Where They Are

Mercer Marketplace 365

Customized Benefits Strategy and Administration

Your company culture, values and people are important. Let’s work together to create a better benefits strategy for your current needs and future aspirations.

Value-based Care

Give your employees access to care that’s measured on the quality of the outcome, not the speed of service. Your employees will notice and appreciate this change in focus on their well-being.

Improving the Quality and Cost of Care

Mercer Marketplace 365 HUB is a simple, integrated solution giving your employees personal service and tools to improve the quality and cost of their care when they need it. Only available on Mercer Marketplace 365.

Licensed Benefits Counselors

Our licensed benefits counselors — measured entirely on customer satisfaction — are some of the best in the business. They are there for your employees every step of the way, 365 days a year. Based on customer satisfaction, they are some of the best in the business.


The Mercer Marketplace 365 app gives employees on-the-go access to all of their benefits information through a secure mobile portal.

Are you looking for a better way?
Help your company and your employees:

  • Live a Healthier Life
  • Simplify the Health and Benefits Experience
  • Save a Lot of Money