Help your employees make better benefits decisions
improve the quality and cost of their care

A healthier workforce with better health care and benefits is more engaged, happy and productive. We designed Mercer Marketplace 365 to tackle some of the biggest problems and opportunities in our health care system — the increase in regulatory requirements, the move to value-based care and the rise of data-driven consumer empowerment — making it work better for you and your employees.

Now you can offer your employees a different health and benefits experience — one that makes it easier for them to find better benefits, better-quality care and more affordable care — allowing your employees to make good on those intentions to live a healthier life.

Here’s how we help you and your employees live healthier lives, simplify the health and benefits experience, and save a lot of money.

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LiveHealthier Lives

The following are just some of the benefits your employees can receive through Mercer Marketplace 365 and the Mercer Marketplace 365 HUB.

Personal Assistance

Access to a personal health care concierge and advocate are just some of the tools that help your employees make better informed decisions about their health care and overall well-being.

Better Quality Care

Your employees can access our growing list of accountable care organizations (ACOs), high performance narrow networks and big-data rankings on the quality of healthcare providers in their area.

Expert Opinions

Consider this: 39% of patients are being misdiagnosed and 60% of treatments are revised. Now you can offer your employees peace of mind with easy access to expert second opinions.


Your employees can track their fitness goals, earn rewards and embrace a healthier lifestyle with our wellness solution or your own integrated into Mercer Marketplace 365.

Simplifythe Health and Benefits Experience

For Employers

Mercer Marketplace 365 assumes administrative responsibilities, including the following:

Best-in-class administration:

We offer a wide range of services, including open enrollment, life events, COBRA, spending accounts (FSA, HSA, HRA), payroll deductions and carrier eligibility.

Regulatory compliance management:

With over 11,000 pages in the Affordable Care Act and more coming every day, Mercer Marketplace 365 can help you remain compliant.

>Broadest carrier relationships:

We make it administratively feasible for you to provide flexible benefit options that will help your employees select plans that are more likely to meet their lifestyle and life stage needs.

For Employees
Best-in-class enrollment, decision support and educational tools:

The “shopping” experience of our web-based platform and the online decision support will help your employees make informed benefit choices with security and confidence.

Fully licensed benefits counselors:

Our counselors expertly guide your employees through the enrollment process. They receive a 96% satisfaction rating from customers.

Mercer Marketplace 365:

Mercer Marketplace 365 offers a comprehensive benefits portfolio stocked with more than 25 lines of coverage, including traditional and supplemental benefits.

Access to the Mercer Marketplace 365 HUBâ„ :

Helps your employees to navigate the health care system and improve the quality and cost of care at the time of need, 365 days a year.

Savea Lot of Money

Let’s talk turkey. We’re helping take the waste out of the health care system for both employers and employees so both can save a lot of money.


average first-year cost savings by switching to Mercer Marketplace 365.


per eligible employee cost savings.


average annual benefits cost increase with Mercer Marketplace 365.

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