For Employers With 500+ Employees: Mercer Marketplace 365

Employers: you and your employees could live healthier lives, enjoy a simpler health and benefits experience and save money with a customized Mercer Marketplace 365 solution.

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Bend the Trend in Your Healthcare Cost Curve

With over 1.5 million lives on Mercer Marketplace 365, we make things happen that any single organization would find difficult to do on its own. We pioneered access to accountable care organizations to help accelerate the move to higher quality, lower cost care. We’re now leading the charge on solutions that give your employees easy access to the information they need to improve the quality and cost of their care 365 days a year.

  • State-of-the-art wellness and health improvement programs
  • Licensed benefits counselors who help your employees select and get the most out of their benefits plans
  • Cost savings for you and your employees

You can look forward to:

A world-class benefits program that includes solutions you’ve never had before

An exceptional employee experience leading to happier, more satisfied employees

Access to value-based care organizations that deliver higher quality care at a lower cost

Complete administrative support to streamline management

Access to the Mercer Marketplace 365 HUBâ„ , a low-cost voluntary benefit that delivers better expected outcomes, expert medical opinions and lower prices

Compliance help with ever-changing healthcare legislation and requirements

Scalable, agile platform with frequent releases to keep you ahead of the technology

Mercer Marketplace 365’s clients save an average of $975 per employee. Use this simple calculator to project the savings that you could experience firsthand by switching to a leading benefits solution that’s helped employers of all sizes.
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Healthcare Concierge Services

Our leading healthcare advocacy and assistance services offer access to a team of registered nurses, medical directors, and benefits and claims specialists who work right alongside each other to help you.