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Your hardworking employees deserve a comfortable, healthy retirement. We’re here to help them achieve it with Mercer Marketplace 365 Retiree.

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Ease the transition for your retirees

An 85-year-old woman is transitioning from her employer’s insurance to an individual plan. Time is running out before Open Enrollment ends. What’s more, she has diabetes, and she’s worried she won’t get her next round of insulin in time.

This is a true story shared by one of the licensed Benefits Counselors in our Mercer Marketplace 365 call center. Over a few phone conversations, the counselor helped the participant make informed decision about her benefits, quickly enroll in a plan, order her insulin prescription and breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Understanding healthcare benefits can be tricky for everyone at times. For those in later life stages, it may be even harder. Personal service delivered by people who care is what sets Mercer Marketplace 365 Retiree apart from other retiree benefits solutions.

Do you want to offer your retirees a variety of health insurance options—while reducing costs and simplifying administration?

Hear from Sylvia Sanchez, Benefits Manager of Del Monte Foods, Inc., about that company’s easy transition to Mercer Marketplace 365 Retiree and the white-glove service that followed. And get Del Monte retiree Richard Anderson’s account of how Mercer and his dedicated benefits counselor alleviated his concerns about his benefits.

Delivering Value 365 Days of the Year

No one should have to make a healthcare decision in the dark. We deliver a high-touch experience for retirees transitioning to an individual health care plan. Mercer Marketplace 365 Retiree delivers:

  • Personalized, ongoing support from licensed Benefits Counselors
  • Change management support to relieve HR staff
  • Integrated solution with more plan choices

Our licensed Benefits Counselors walk retirees step-by-step through the entire process, providing education, enrollment guidance and advocacy support. In addition, our in-house employer subsidy administration platform facilitates timely and accurate reimbursement payments, allowing retirees to make the best use of the subsidy they receive from their former employer.

“We chose Mercer Marketplace 365 Retiree because it really provides us with white-glove service…It’s been a great experience not just for us as a company, knowing that our retirees are being taken care of, but also for our retirees, knowing that there is someone there who does care.”
- Sylvia Sanchez, Benefits Manager, Del Monte Foods, Inc

With Mercer Marketplace 365 Retiree you can rest assured that your retirees are being well taken care of. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

White Glove Service

Our leading Healthcare advocacy and Assistance services offer access to a team of registered nurses, medical directors, and benefits and claims specialists who work right alongside each other to help you: