For Employers With Under 2,000 Employees: Mercer Marketplace 365+

Mercer Marketplace 365+ is specifically designed to bring all the value of our industry-leading solutions to our clients with 100–2,000 employees. With proven financial results, member satisfaction at 96% and flexible plans that help you meet the personal needs of each of your employees, now is the time to consider Mercer Marketplace 365+ for your health and benefits strategy.

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Save Money and Time

Put the power of millions of lives behind you. We can make things happen that you couldn’t do on your own, or with a smaller broker. It’s why our clients are saving an average of 8.4% on their first year benefits costs and seeing increases of only 2.3% per year after that, compared to the national average of 4%*.

A privately owned manufacturing company with 100 employees saved 28% in medical costs their first year with Mercer Marketplace 365+ (as well as enjoying increased benefits choices and enrollment).

It’s not just about saving money. In the new age of health and benefits, we’ve seen a lot of great tech firms try to be brokers and many traditional brokers try to be great tech firms. With Mercer Marketplace 365+, you can finally have the best of both worlds: a broker with experience and scale, and a nimble, future-ready and market-leading health and benefits technology solution.

* Results vary by client.

With Mercer Marketplace 365+, you can:

  • Give your employees access Give your employees access to a range of benefits options once reserved for larger companies
  • Alleviate administrative pressures Alleviate administrative pressures associated with your benefits program
  • Reduce your healthcare Reduce your healthcare spend by 10-20%* * Results vary by employer.

You can look forward to:

World-class benefits strategy, flexible program design and implementation delivered by a team who knows your market

Best-in-class plans customized for you to provide value, choice and savings to employees

Painless and worry-free enrollment

Licensed benefits counselors who help your employees select and get the most out of their benefits plans

Simplified management of your programs

Compliance help with ever-changing healthcare legislation and requirements

Exceptional resources from Mercer that help you stay ahead of trends

Frequent releases keep you ahead of the technology curve

Create a future-ready benefits strategy for your company. Check out five megatrends that will shape the future of health benefits..
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